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What to Look for in an Aluminum Gantry Crane

If you have ever needed to move heavy items, an aluminum gantry crane can help. This versatile lifting device is made from aluminum alloy and features two-bolt height and clear span adjustments. Assembly of an aluminum gantry crane is relatively straightforward, requiring two people. Because of its lightweight design, an aluminum gantry crane can easily be stored away when not in use. The following are some features to look for in an aluminum gantry crane.

A major difference between an aluminum gantry crane and its steel counterpart is that the former is lightweight and portable. A steel gantry is not portable, and an aluminum one has a lower price tag. The two gantry models are similar in terms of weight and portability, but there are several key differences. Aluminum gantries are also highly durable and have a much higher lifting capacity. Even though they are much lighter than steel ones, they can lift heavy loads and position them as efficiently as their steel counterparts.

The advantages of an aluminum gantry crane are numerous. The lightweight, corrosive material allows it to be transported to a job site quickly and easily, and its adjustable height and width make it ideal for a variety of work environments. Aluminum gantry cranes can also be easily carried up a staircase or ladder, and are easy to transport, even for the most seasoned professional. The lifting capacity of an aluminum gantry crane ranges from about 1000 to four thousand pounds, which makes it a versatile tool for many industrial tasks.

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