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Earlier this month, Sambanova Systems, a leading provider of cloud-based DataScale and Scalability products, announced the availability of its flagship DataScale 676M platform. Featuring a Software-defined-hardware approach and a focus on performance, Scalability, and scalability, the new system is designed to simplify the management and provisioning of large scale data.


Founded by Stanford University professors, SambaNova Systems is the latest entrant in the world of edge computing. The company, which recently raised $676 million in a Series D funding round, is focused on creating and selling software-based AI systems to enterprise customers. The company’s flagship offering is Dataflow-as-a-Service. The service enables enterprises to tap into SambaNova’s AI system without having to invest in and maintain it.

SambaNova’s Dataflow-as-a-Service offers a fully integrated software-hardware platform. The company’s system features next-generation processors and optimized algorithms. It also delivers high-performance computing and efficiency across applications. The system also includes pre-trained models, which can be used to accelerate AI capabilities in weeks.

SambaNova is also competing for the enterprise business against companies like Nvidia and Cerebras Systems. However, it has taken a different approach to the AI challenge, offloading the complexity of machine learning in favor of an integrated system. It also aims to make AI solutions more accessible to the masses.


Powered by a dataflow architecture, SambaNova’s DataScale is a full-blown integrated AI infrastructure. With optimized algorithms and the right software, your organization can train custom workloads and optimize its AI infrastructure for the future. A modern day enterprise may be short on resources to run such a system, but it doesn’t have to be. With DataScale, the hard work is done for you.

The company’s Reconfigurable Dataflow Unit (RDU) is a true dataflow machine, and it is built to handle native dataflow processing. It is connected by a high-speed fabric to ensure maximum system throughput. The best part is, RDUs are reconfigurable – they can be moved around the data center as needed. The company’s AI system is built to handle the widest array of AI applications.

Software-defined-hardware approach

Founded in November 2017, SambaNova is a Silicon Valley-based startup that offers customized AI chips and software-based AI systems for customers. Founded by a team of Stanford University researchers, the startup aims to provide high-performance AI systems to enterprises.

SambaNova’s flagship product, DataScale, is an integrated software and hardware systems platform that delivers unmatched capabilities to customers. It features next-generation processors and optimized algorithms. The company claims that its software-defined hardware approach sets world records in AI performance and scale. It also offers Dataflow-as-a-Service, a subscription-based AI service that enables enterprises to tap into SambaNova’s AI system. This service reduces the complexities of building and maintaining machine learning models, and accelerates work in existing data centers.

SambaNova’s DataScale is currently used by many of the largest and most influential enterprise data teams, including those at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the United States Department of Energy, and the Argonne National Laboratory. It uses input from the PyTorch and TensorFlow deep learning frameworks, and features optimized algorithms to deliver efficiency across applications. The company’s data platform allows data teams to build new models and innovate.


Among the many startups making a splash in the AI space, SambaNova Systems is one of the companies making waves with their AI augmented software and hardware platform. Their mission is to help organizations augment their AI capabilities and speed the adoption of artificial intelligence in their organizations. They do this by providing a SaaS platform for AI initiatives, including cutting-edge deep learning and analytics. In the process, they help organizations improve returns on massive exploration investments.

SambaNova Systems’ DataScale is the company’s branded AI-infused hardware and software platform designed to help organizations realize their AI dreams. The system incorporates optimized algorithms, pre-trained deep learning models, and other AI-centric components. It is designed to take advantage of the latest in software and hardware, including next-generation processors that deliver efficiency across applications.


Founded by two Stanford professors, Kunle Olukotun and Chris Re, SambaNova Systems is an artificial intelligence company that provides systems and software to run AI apps from the data center. The startup has built a portfolio of AI hardware and software, including custom chips and software. These systems have been used by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Department of Energy, and other organizations. In addition, SambaNova provides AI services that are free to research institutions and celebrities bio developers.


SambaNova Systems also offers its Dataflow-as-a-Service platform to businesses, which allows organizations to use the company’s AI system to accelerate existing data centers. The company says that organizations don’t need to spend time and money on maintaining an AI system, and instead can focus on business objectives. It also says that SambaNova’s custom hardware and software systems dramatically improve the performance of AI apps.

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