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Top 10 Comedy Movies in Bollywood

When it comes to movies, Bollywood is known for its comedic films. But the funny side of Bollywood is not just limited to humour. Some of the best comedies are actually epic tales. For instance fleepbleep, Raja Babu, directed by David Dhawan and produced by Nandu G Tolani, is a great example of this. In this film, a poor orphan is adopted by a rich village couple. He falls in love with the girl who is a modern city slicker than he is. The film also stars Govinda and Aftab Shivdasani in a very interesting storyline wikibirthdays.

Love Story is another great comedy film. The simple but lovable guy falls in love with his neighbour, but takes help of his friends to impress her. Meanwhile, she is getting closer to her musical teacher. This film is packed with music and fun. The singing battles between Mehmood and Sunil Dutt are legendary. The film is the epitome of fun in Bollywood. Kishore Kumar is the soul of this biographycon.

Gol Maal is another classic Bollywood comedy. This film was released 40 years ago, but it has stood the test of time. The movie’s script has multiple funny moments, and the comedy is always sensible. The plot revolves around a man trying to get a new job and a finicky boss who thinks a man without a mustache is lacking in character. As a result, the man creates a fake twin brother Laxman Prasad and fake mother, hoping to save his job. The film won several awards and was praised by allmeaninginhindi.

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