Things to Know Before Renting a Car in the UAE

Before you rent a car in the UAE, you need to know some things about driving in the country. The legal driving age in the UAE is twenty-one, but the age limit for renting a car may vary depending on the car rental company. Some require a driver to be twenty-three years old, while others may even allow people as young as twenty to rent a car. In these cases, use the minimum age required filter when searching for a car.

Before you pick up your rental car, make sure you have enough money for the deposit. The deposit may range anywhere from AED 1.000 to AED 2500. It is usually easier to pay the deposit with a debit or credit card, but some car rental companies require cash to secure a rental. In case of a breakdown or traffic fine, you can contact the rental company or the police by making use of the data plan in your cell phone.

When renting a car in the UAE, you will need to wash it before you drive it. Dust on a car can hinder visibility in certain light conditions. Dusty cars also stand out from the crowd in shopping mall parking lots. Many gas stations have automatic car washing machines, as well as manual wash stations. However, you may not want to rent a manual car as it will cost more than an automatic car. And if you do, you should ask the rental company if they have a manual transmission car.

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