Movie Theaters in the 1930s

If you’re interested in the evolution of cinema, you may want to check out movies in the 1930s. These were considered the golden years for Hollywood cinema. In fact, as many as 85 million people flocked to movie theaters in the 1930s to escape their financial situations. You could choose between black and white films or Technicolor “A” movies. The movies in the 1930s were often very gaudy and decorated with art deco exteriors. Some featured exotic Asian or Middle Eastern architecture. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Horse Feathers were among the most popular movies in the 1930s.

The early talkies were popular box office hits but were often of poor quality. Many of these films featured stifled acting by inexperienced actors. Some were even unwatchable due to the lack of sound. Nevertheless, many people went to the movies to enjoy the movie stars. A few notable movie stars of the 1930s included Clark Gable, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, and Greta Garbo. And, of course, Fred Astaire. Those days were also a time when people were able to see elegant dance performances.

The first movie houses were not actual movie theaters, but rather picture palaces. Movies were rented from these houses. During the 1920s, picture palaces were popular. These movie houses were often too grand for people to see in any other way. The architecture of these movie houses was similar to that of Asian, Middle Eastern, and Art Deco. The buildings were filled with spectacular facades dripping with electric dazzle.

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