How to Study Essay Parts

Learning how to study essay parts can boost your confidence, make your test-taking skills soar, and even help you ace presentations. Here are some tips to study essay parts and boost your memory:

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Write an outline. Make sure that the outline includes your thesis, supporting points, and the gist of your essay. This will ensure that your essay answers all parts of the question. It should be organized coherently. Make sure that each supporting point is backed up by evidence and examples. Once you’ve written your outline, read it aloud to others. Be sure to use one thesis sentence, three main reasons, and three examples.

Practice the exam. Some tests have essay sections that test the relationships between themes and major concepts. To prepare for an essay test, review the material frequently. Make concept maps, write down related facts, and compare your ideas and arguments. Lastly, practice critical thinking. Think about the differences and similarities between different ideas and how you can convince the reader to agree with your viewpoint. Remember that essay exams are like any other exam, so studying and practicing are key.

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