A Basic Car Service List

A basic car service checklist covers several maintenance items, including the change of engine oil and filter, windscreen additive, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and antifreeze strength. Brake pads are checked for major wear and tear and the condition of the steering rack gaiters is also noted. External lights, wipers, and the clutch fluid are also checked. Basic car service checklists are helpful for owners who want to maintain the car’s performance.

Inspecting the tires is also a simple way to maintain a car’s overall health. Regularly checking tire pressure is essential for ensuring safety, as low tire pressure could cause dangerous driving conditions. Rotate tires, and inspect them visually, as some may not be functioning properly. Oil and coolant levels should be checked regularly, and you should top off the coolant before going on a long trip. If you are unsure of any of these procedures, a mechanic can perform the required repairs.

While your local mechanic may suggest a free vehicle inspection, you may need to pay for other parts of the car. If you have a limited budget, you can prioritize the most important items to repair. To find a good body shop, review the local car repair shops online. The ratings and comments left by previous customers can help you make a decision on which car repair shop to use. If you are unsure about a particular shop, try searching online for a review of their customer service and problem-solving process.


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