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Using the saas (software as a service) platform allows your company to use the software that best suits your business needs. You will find that there are several options to choose from. Among these options are Slack, InfluxDB, iQoyi, AppOmni, and Affectiva.


Using AppOmni’s SaaS Security Management Platform, companies can monitor and secure their employee’s applications. This solution helps organizations to protect sensitive information from loss, unauthorized access, and data breach. It integrates with more than 100 SaaS applications. This technology analyzes data from enterprise applications and compares them to industry best practices. The AppOmni platform can monitor user activity and configuration changes, and surface the most risky changes. The alerts are triaged by analysts and fed into existing security operations.

As a leading SaaS Security Management provider, AppOmni offers a full suite of SaaS monitoring and protection capabilities, including the ability to secure sensitive data against unauthorized access and data loss. It also has deep visibility into enterprise SaaS applications, allowing organizations to analyze the security of SaaS solutions.


Touted as a startup in the AI space, Affectiva was one of those companies that were lucky enough to be snatched up by the likes of Xerox and Intel. Affectiva’s mission is to “bridge the gap between humans and machines” by delivering emotion-sensing analytics to developers and brands alike. Founded in 2009 by visionary scientists Dr. Rana el Kaliouby and Dr. Rosalind Picard, Affectiva is a spinout of the MIT Media Lab, where it got its start. Its flagship product is Affectiva Media, a provider of media analytics solutions that is used by roughly 70 percent of the world’s largest advertisers.


Using InfluxDB, developers can now write code once and run it against a cloud-native elastic database. Developers can also use a robust set of APIs to programmatically interact with InfluxDB. This includes a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows developers to interact with the database through point-and-click schema selections and raw script editing. These APIs are available across the Open Source and Cloud versions of InfluxDB, giving developers access to the features and functionality they need to build applications.

InfluxDB is an elastic scale solution that scales automatically as workload demands change. This means that developers do not have to size servers or engage in capacity planning. Instead, they pay only for the work performed. This allows them to avoid overprovisioning managed services, which can result in costly service degradations.


Using Slack in the workplace has many benefits. For example, it enables employees to collaborate with each other and with remote employees and partners. This has many benefits, including a more productive working life. Slack also offers administrators the ability to manage Slack using smart controls. Slack has several features that are worth checking out, including a robust message archive and the most efficient means of communication.


Another advantage of using Slack is its ability to scale. This is achieved by allowing users to have access to unlimited workspaces and channels. This gives employees the freedom to collaborate in the way that best suits their needs. This is a great solution for small and medium-sized businesses who may have limited resources, but need to remain competitive.

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